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mCubed Offices Terms and Conditions

  1. I/We agree that the following trade references may be approached in order to assist processing of this application
  2. I/We warrant that the information in this application is true and correct.
  3. I/We agree that any change which affects the trading address, legal entity, structure of management or control of the Applicant’s company (as detailed in this application form) will be notified in writing to mCubed Offices within 7 days of the change becoming effective.
  4. I/We acknowledge that full payment of any invoice received from mCubed Offices must be made to mCubed Offices into the specified bank account shown on the invoice on or before the 20th day of the month following the date of invoice.
  5. I/ We shall notify mCubed Offices of any disputed charges within 7 days of invoice.
  6. I/We acknowledge that credit facilities provided by mCubed Services to the Applicant may be withdrawn by mCubed Offices at mCubed Office’s discretion if any of these terms and conditions are not met.
  7. I /We acknowledge that, subject to any charges disputed under Clause 5 above, should the amount specified in an invoice not be paid on the date specified in Clause 4 above, a reminder letter shall be sent to the Applicant.
  8. I/We agree that, should payment not be made by the date specified in any reminder sent under Clause 7 above, then any costs and expenses incurred by mCubed Offices in collecting payment (including any debt collection fees) will be passed on to the Applicant for payment.
  9. mCubed Offices can amend these terms and conditions at any time. mCubed Offices shall notify any such amendment to the Applicant’s last known address at least 7 days prior to the amendment taking effect.
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